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Why Quality Materials are Essential for Long-lasting Products

Updated: Mar 8

Here at Popsy Jewellery Design we pride ourselves on high quality products. Quality materials are essential, and especially crucial for long-lasting jewellery products for several reasons!


A block photo, showing a range of Popsy Jewellery Designs products, including engraving and Morse code jewellery
A range of Popsy Jewellery Design Products

1. Appearance and Elegance

High-quality materials, such as genuine gemstones and precious metals, maintain their beauty and luster over time, ensuring that the jewellery continues to look elegant and appealing.

2. Durability

3. Value Retention

4. Allergies and Skin Sensitivity

5. Sentimental Value

6. Craftsmanship


Lets talk Money

A photo of a credit card and some cash thrown in the air, with some text say lets talk money, this is in regards to talking about how much is something going to cost.
How much money is it going to cost us?

Should you pay a high price?

What do you expect to pay for a quality product?

  • 0-£10

  • £11-£50

  • £51-£100

  • £101-£250

The short answer is NO!

Quality doesn't have to be expensive! £££

Let's dive into why and what sort of jewellery you can purchase that won't sacrifice quality or break your bank balance.

Sterling silver

You can have sterling silver (stamped 925) jewellery that is affordable! The best way to get your budget down but incoroprating sterling silver is with the use of another material alongside it. As I have done in a lot of my products, use a high quality silk to replace the expensive silver chain but keeping the other silver components or vice verse. Take a look at our range

Stainless steel